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Furniture Hardware overcapacity bottleneck to be a breakthrough

2016-05-23 11:15:43 HONGRI Hardware Read

After 10 years of rapid growth, China's furniture hardware industry overcapacity problems have become increasingly prominent, due to the economic slowdown in the market, demand from the furniture hardware market into oversupply. In addition, due to the high energy consumption, high pollution and environmental impacts, energy conservation has become a reality that must be addressed, and this will inevitably lead to raise the threshold of the furniture hardware industry. Industry sources say, to break through the bottleneck of the development of the industry, only by improving product quality and their own technical strength to achieve.


In recent years, furniture hardware industry changed in the past so smooth, and gradually into the bottleneck of the development of this and rising raw material prices, logistics costs and labor costs are closely related. In fact, in recent years the reason foreign countries in Europe and America because of the rapid development of production technology and high domestic labor costs, etc., to transfer their affordable products to China and other third world countries, they only produce high value-added products and services. From the domestic situation, it is the eastern part of the furniture hardware industry is gradually transferred from east to west, from south to north. If China Sichuan Province, sales of products from the current production scale and business point of view, has become the province of furniture hardware production, large production base has been formed in the western Sichuan. But on the whole situation, due to the market slowdown, the domestic market demand, coupled with the domestic market, a lot of self-built distribution range is very wide, the furniture hardware market is in oversupply, many furniture unmarketable.

Industry sources say that the furniture hardware industry would like to seek a breakthrough development, requires enterprises to adapt to market conditions, not only to meet the mass production of furniture products, but should be based on the individual needs of consumers, the development of custom business, good product quality It based on the original design-oriented products and create a unique craft. Secretary-General of the International Mould & Metal & Plastic Industry Suppliers Association Luo Hui also said that China's furniture hardware market to further enlarge and strengthen the transformation and upgrading is the key. Custom furniture is on the rise this year, personalization has become the trend of development.

Raise the threshold

Currently, energy saving has become the industry must do a lot of homework, eleven countries have introduced corresponding policies. For the home market, high energy consumption, high pollution increasingly serious environmental impacts, energy conservation has become an important means of enterprises, businesses compete for. And this trend will lead to furniture hardware accessories to raise the threshold.

It is understood that although the Chinese hardware products after ten years of development, some companies have been gradually formed, standardization, brand management. Compared to the slightly lower quality domestic production standards, international standards before, not all companies are able to quickly break through hardware, such as hardware accessories wardrobe closet hardware to be produced in line with the specifications of export products, supporting the production of a lot of pressure about the increase.

Some furniture hardware development of domestic manufacturing enterprises under extensive economic model to waste of resources, energy waste and environmental pollution for the price. With the country vigorously promote the implementation of energy conservation policies, for manufacturers, it means quality improvement and technological innovation to strengthen.

In addition, as consumers upgrade living standards, the requirements of energy saving products is also increasing. Furniture hardware accessories as a necessity of life, will inevitably change with consumer needs and market environment and constantly improve and upgrade, which for the industry, will also be an important opportunity to contribute to a shuffle.