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Furniture Hardware foundry industry is still suitable for the development

Furniture Hardware foundry in the industry is not a new topic, but as the industry brand of competition, manufacturing furniture hardware companies are no longer suitable for the development of the industry.

Under the OEM furniture hardware companies need to strengthen the spirit of innovation

Since the end of December 2013, a domestic furniture brand three first public signed a strategic cooperation framework agreement. The main contents of the tripartite agreement is strategic: the tripartite cooperation will be the basis of mutual trust, in order to improve efficiency and common development as the fundamental goals and interests, and give full play to their respective advantages constituents, through the integration of resources and complementary advantages and enhance competitiveness, joint marketing. This is another kind of brand between the foundry business model, the main advantage of complementary products and integration between the brands.

This integration has played a brand of technology and production advantages between plants, channels or in each of the control of its own brand, is the equivalent of three brands to sell the same product, cooperation is quite rough. Such innovation should be encouraged, but later development of maintenance is also very important, especially in the construction of a unified market and to work hard.

In this business model, furniture hardware industry concentration will be further enhanced with the capital strength of the furniture hardware companies possible future cooperation will be achieved by way of mergers and acquisitions.

Annexation incoming tide furniture hardware companies need to break through brand

Future trends are powerful combination, do not rule out the possibility there will be greater merger integration action occurs. From the current situation analysis, which shares the first annexation tide may arise from three types of furniture hardware business: the first is an urgent need to expand production capacity of furniture hardware business. The second type is a single product category of furniture hardware business. The third category is a furniture hardware companies want to enter new segments.

In the furniture hardware industry reshuffle surges forward, the future of these three types of furniture hardware companies must first annexation set off a wave of surging home market and various contradictions will deduce not the same as "annexation tidal waves in stock in "may be rough, it may be beautiful ripples.

In the furniture hardware industry reshuffle transition process, modern furniture hardware Enterprise Management frequent mergers and acquisitions business model will be introduced into the household sector, the integration of resources has become a major furniture and other home hardware companies break through the bottleneck of the industry's top priority.