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Hardware development trend of China's furniture industry is excellent

2016-05-23 15:20:11 HONGRI Hardware Read

Today our domestic form furniture hardware sales are mainly the following: First, a large furniture store, rental site by the manufacturer and sales of furniture, there are dealers renting space business of office furniture, the former majority, the main operating varieties civilian furniture, with both office furniture. Second, auto sales site itself or hire purchase fully take self-mode operations. Third store business, usually self-alone brand, with a large domestic producers and foreign famous brands. Fourth, the department store business open space furniture.

The several mode of operation is the main way of furniture hardware sales, in addition, there are ways to bidding furniture hardware orders, the majority of government procurement is carried out in accordance with Bidding Law promulgated by the state, recognized by the state department, the company issued tenders from furniture hardware production companies to bid, the successful production of furniture unit sample, after passing the examination, delivery according to user requirements. China's furniture market is not mature hardware, furniture hardware dealers team has not yet formed, is in the process of growing up, the furniture hardware market need in self-improvement, while increasing capital investment and the use of advanced management mode.

With China's accession to the WTO. WTO Entry to China's economic development has brought rare opportunities for China's implementation provides an excellent opportunity with the butt of the world economy. Sustained and stable economic development, basic construction has entered a vigorous period of unprecedented expansion of domestic demand, it also brings new opportunities for the furniture hardware industry. At the same time, accession to the WTO will attract a large foreign capital inflows for many small and medium enterprises furniture hardware joint venture, cooperation opportunities outside help to enhance the furniture hardware business marketing plan, the level of quality management, product packaging and standardized management of production . In addition, our treatment for developing countries to join the WTO, will promote the development of traditional building materials, textile industry, which will further reduce the cost of procurement of raw materials, thus reducing the production of furniture hardware costs and enhance their market competitiveness.

After joining the WTO, since the furniture hardware tariff reduction will promote the growth of the import and export of furniture hardware, furniture hardware to provide export opportunities. Join the WTO, furniture hardware companies will promote the establishment of a database of information, development of new products, protection, use and application of new materials and other high-tech intellectual property. According nine positive Building Material understand, in 2002 after joining the WTO, China's furniture industry has a favorable impact on hardware. Continued growth in exports of furniture hardware is a good example.

China has become the world's largest producer of metal furniture, but also an important furniture hardware consumer. China has 1.4 billion people, a huge potential consumer market has been the world's attention. China's per capita consumption level is still low furniture hardware, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, furniture hardware consumption will certainly increase, China's per capita consumption of furniture hardware level if it reaches the level of consumption in Thailand, the Philippines and other developing countries, medium, that is per capita about $ 20, the total consumption is also more than 200 billion yuan. Thus, it can be expected of furniture hardware production growth there is great potential in the furniture hardware industry.

In the 21st century, the Chinese government to speed up the pace of urbanization and the construction of small towns. Overall rural economy flourish and speed up urbanization, in order to further stimulate the consumer market, expand consumption. This national initiative will further promote China's housing construction, which will give industry and housing-related development. The State Council required the needs of society and the development of proposed housing industry, this initiative will drive residential supporting standardization, serialization and industrialization of tens of thousands of products. Since the development of the housing industry, housing as a commodity into the market, for all types of furniture hardware and related products provide a space for development.